The product

Next generation belt conveyor

Vanderlande provides automated material handling systems and services. Belt conveyors are used in many different forms in almost every airport baggage handling system. The BLUEVEYOR is the world’s first conveyor that is designed according with ‘Cradle to Cradle’ principles.
Materials reconsidered
  • Homogenous materials that can be returned to technical or biological cycles. The materials can be used again and again
  • A PVC-free belt and other harmful or toxic materials have been phased out
Less is more
Redesign of the belt concept and drive method has led to:
  • Less parts and reduced weight
  • Plug and play. Belt tensioning and tracking belong to the past
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Fewer spare parts
Ready for Circular Economy
The BLUEVEYOR is an example of Design for X, like re-usability and disassembly friendliness, to enable and promote reversed logistics at end-of-life.

Environmental Product Declaration
This document shows the impact on the environment, reduction in power consumption and CO2 footprint.