“We are proud to be the first airport that has a BLUEVEYOR conveyor belt system in an operational environment. It is a pilot and it gives a huge boost to the sustainability of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol”
- Mark Lakerveld - Senior Manager Bagage at Schiphol Group. 2012.

“Our BLUEVEYOR is the first conveyor belt system in the world to be designed according to Cradle to Cradle®  principles. Silver certified, it is completely free from any harmful or toxic materials such as PVC and has been designed for full disassembly at end-of-life.”
- Gert Bossink, director Research & Development at Vanderlande.

“The Blueveyor goes far beyond Cradle to Cradle; it is more about innovation and quality. This new product of Vanderlande sets the standard for the whole industry.”
- Michael Braungart, 2012.

“Vanderlande created a new conveyor belt called the Blueveyor that replaced PVC with a recyclable polyester belt. The company went beyond this important innovation with many other innovations... …On behalf of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute I salute Vanderlande Industries for the hard work and leadership demonstrated to achieve Silver Certification for the Blueveyor.”
- Bridgett Luther, C2CPII, 2013.

“The Blueveyor, the little energy je need for it, that’s really an innovation! We try to apply state-of-the-art technologies, like Blueveyor, in the newest extensions of the airport.“
- Ad Rutten, COO Schiphol Group, 2012.