Three-phase programme

Vanderlande’s roadmap to minimise the company’s footprint is being implemented in three phases, which work in tandem with the development of the corresponding competences. Each phase consists of themes, ambitions, initiatives and a timeline.
Phase 1: cutting operational costs and increasing productivity (status: active)
Direct operational costs and productivity are driven by the following elements, which are already being actively incorporated in Vanderlande’s solutions:
  • energy: designing efficient products and solutions, and continuously improving customers’ predicted energy usage
  • ergonomics: increasing customers’ productivity by prioritising the wellbeing of employees
  • life-cycle support: extending lifetime and performance.
Phase 2: taking quality to a higher level over and over again (status: in development)
Vanderlande is designing products so that they can be used and reused an unlimited number of times (in principle), based on the C2C philosophy and circular economy principles:
  • materials: choosing materials that are environmentally friendly and easier to reuse
  • design: creating products that can be reused
  • closed-loop supply chain: putting reuse into practice – the new world for Vanderlande.
Phase 3: circular systems (status: to be explored)
In the future, Vanderlande would also like to offer truly circular services, such as refurbishment and leasing on a pay-per-use basis:
  • second life: upgrading products, refurbishment and spare parts
  • circular economy: set up recovery flow for used products and systems
  • new business models: leasing and pay per use.
Anyone in business knows how competitive global markets are today. Growing a successful business depends on supporting customers to continually improve their own competitiveness, delivering high quality products and services to them as fast as possible. Meeting these challenges is the promise at the heart of our business.
Triple bottom line
Every day, we deliver reliable and costeffective systems and services that will give our customers this crucial competitive edge, ensuring performance and profitability. However, profit is not the single measure of business success. At Vanderlande Industries, we are taking the lead in our industry to set targets beyond the traditional single bottom line, also measuring ecological and social criteria – working towards the triple bottom line.  We have placed this triple bottom line commitment to ‘People, Planet and Profit’ at the core of our business strategy. We have done this because we believe these elements can be in perfect harmony with each other and still make perfect business sense. In fact, our approach is already yielding compelling results. How do we achieve this? Through a strategy of continuous innovation.